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Our vision is to see a revival atmosphere established that allows the Holy Spirit to fill the Permian Basin and make it God’s spiritual oasis.



  • Attain and maintain a supernatural move of God that expands God's Kingdom through His manifest presence.

  • Our first priority is to develop a system that encourages people to have an intimate relation with the Lord.

  • We create an atmosphere for people to abandon themselves to Him thought praise, worship, and prayer.

  • To develop strong disciples of Jesus Christ to carry on the works of Jesus, bringing healing and transformation to individuals and the Permian Basin.

  • To create an atmosphere of Honor, Love, and Respect within our programs and teach people to apply this atmosphere to their lives outside the church.

  • To create a safe environment, honor the uniqueness of the individual, yet uniting together for the cause of Christ

  • We demonstrate God's unconditional love and transforming power to our community.

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